What's happening in EV? 22 Jan 2022

Rimac Technologies Separates from Rimac-Bugatti to develop EV Tech as a standalone company:

Rimac, perhaps best known for its mind-bending electric hypercar, the Nevera, recently merged with reputed French automaker Bugatti to form Bugatti-Rimac, a company in which the Rimac group holds 55% stake, and Porsche, the remaining 45. Recently however, the Rimac group separated its engineering division into a standalone entity (Rimac Technology), set to supply high performance EV technology to third-party manufacturers. Rimac Technology is looking to produce a wide range of things, from small hybrid battery systems to high performance electric drive units. This should see the larger EV manufacturers start bridging the gap, and accelerating their growth towards their goals of all EV lineups.

The future of cars may have more in common with the Kindle than you think

BMW’s new colour-changing paint, called E-Ink, featured in its concept EV the iX, utilises microcapsule technology that’s typically found in e-readers like the Kindle, to form a completely customisable body surface.

The US inches toward building EV batteries at home

In response to Cobalt’s increasingly scarce availability, and it’s potential dependency on Chinese manufacturing, the US are finally getting into the cathode business, to cope with the growing demand for EVs at home.

A rewind of India’s 2021 EV Sales:

An insight into EV sales in India during 2021 (not inclusive of December)* compared to 2020 sales. 2021 saw 329,190 EVs being sold in India, which is a 168% growth from the 122,607 units sold in 2020. The vehicle segment-wise contribution in 2021 shows that electric 2 wheelers are leading the charge, with a 48% sales contribution. Uttar Pradesh is leading the EV charge, with a total of 66,704 EV sales, while Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Telangana boast an impressive 67% sales share of all high speed electric 2 wheelers.

Hyderabad signs a letter of intent to host a FIA Formula E world championship race.

Following the signing of a Letter of Intent between the Telangana state and Formula E, India has moved one step closer to hosting a round of the ABB Formula E world championship.

Hero Electric and Mahindra Group join forces

Hero Electric and Mahindra Group announce non-equity collaboration for development, contract manufacturing, and joint parts sourcing for electric 2 wheelers to ensure Hero Electric meets its demand of manufacturing 1 million EVs per year by the end of 2022.