What’s happening in EV? 28 April 2020

India to challenge China’s lithium-ion might as Faradion to set up shop soon

Faradion Ltd., a manufacturer of sodium-ion cells based in the UK, has said that it has begun exploring manufacturing presence in India. The manufacturer says that sodium-ion technology provides similar performance to conventional chemistry while replacing expensive materials such as cobalt and lithium with sodium.

Tesla patents a new electrode for its 1-million-mile battery

Tesla patents a new NCA electrode that is likely going to be used in its new battery cell built in-house, which is expected to be longer-lasting and cheaper. The new battery tested is a Li-ion battery cell with a next-generation “single crystal” NMC 532 cathode and a new advanced electrolyte, which they patented.

Wireless charging demo for trucks: 20 kw across 11 inches, 92% efficiency

The United States Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) announced in a press release Tuesday that, in February, it had demonstrated a 20-kilowatt bi-directional wireless charging system on UPS hybrid delivery trucks.

Kawasaki is working on an electric motorcycle with a manual gear speed box

Kawasaki is on track to become the first big Japanese manufacturer to offer an electric motorcycle. The company is in the process of teasing the prototype on its YouTube channel, with each one revealing key details. Two huge revelations come in the form of its name, which is Endeavor, and its gearbox - a 4-speed manual unit.

Call for common EV standards to enable EV jumper cables

In recent months, we saw several products that might be useful to recharge a stranded electric car with a depleted battery - from gas generators, through portable batteries/chargers, and mobile energy storage systems. However, those are products for professional use and an average EV owner will not buy/carry any of those daily.

Fully Charged interviews the CEO of Xpeng, a Chinese EV company building a Chinese Model 3

Xpeng Motorsis a new manufacturer, even by Chinese standards, having been founded in 2014. It already has one model on sale in China, the G3 SUV whose claimed NEDC range is 520 km (323 miles) from a 66.5 kWh battery pack, and now it just launched its second model, the P7 sedan, that offers even better specs.

Model 3 rental after 60k miles

Do concerns about Tesla’s quality issues translate to real problems over time?