What’s happening in EV? 23 June 2020

Apple adds electric car charge routing to Maps in iOS 14 for BMW, Ford and other EVs

Apple’s WWDC keynote included some good electric vehicle news today, when Apple announced that they would add EV charge routing into their next update to Apple Maps for iOS 14.

New products from Gates could mean better and cheaper belt-drive e-bikes

Gates has announced a series of new belt drive products for two-wheelers this summer attempting to get more riders than ever on belt-drive bikes. The new products include options that could greatly increase the accessibility of belt drive e-bikes, which are known for being rather pricey.

Why Ford says Mustang Mach-E has the most accurate EV range estimator

Calculating the number of miles of remaining EV range has been a challenge for many automakers. Ford now claims that its Intelligent Range feature has solved the problem, using crowdsourced data, weather, and a vehicle’s energy-consumption history.

Tesla releases new software update with bunch of new features

Tesla has started pushing a new software update with a bunch of interesting and highly requested new features, including enabling the use of the cabin-facing camera.

Tesla acquires $5 million worth of land outside Austin to build new factory

Tesla is acquiring $5 million worth of land outside of Austin, Texas to build its new factory as it is about to secure over $60 million in incentives for the project.

Lucid Motors to unveil production Air electric car with pricing and specs on Sept 9

Lucid Motors announced today that it’s going to unveil the production version of its Air electric car with pricing and specs on September 9.

Tesla reaches new deal with Panasonic for battery supply

Tesla has reached a new three-year deal with Panasonic for battery supply from Gigafactory Nevada. The growth of Gigafactory 1 in Nevada has been impressive, and the factory quickly became the largest li-ion battery factory in the world. But last year, Tesla said that Panasonic’s battery cell production was limiting Model 3 production.

Tesla Model Y Performance achieves supercar time on racetrack

A Tesla Model Y Performance with some modifications from Unplugged Performance achieved supercar-like time on the Buttonwillow racetrack.

Tesla upgrades Model S with 402-mile range

Tesla has upgraded the Model S, its flagship electric sedan, with a new range of 402 miles — thanks to several improvements, including new wheels. Earlier this year, Tesla released a new “Long Range Plus” version of the Model S with an EPA-rated range that was later updated to 391 miles on a single charge.

Ford/EA offer first five DC quick-charging sessions free to Mustang Mach-E buyers

When Ford unveiled the Mustang Mach-E, the company promised its new EV owners could access more than 12,000 places to charge, including many fast-charger locations. Today Ford announced that it’s enticing Mach-E buyers to give Electrify America stations a try by offering 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging through the FordPass Rewards program.

Electric car charge points soar to 7.3 million chargers, 60% growth in public chargers

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its 2020 EV Outlook report, which includes analyses of several important data points related to electric vehicle adoption, like charging infrastructure. Charging infrastructure has often been described as the ‘chicken or egg’ problem for electric cars: electric cars won’t be popular until charging is readily available, and charging won’t be widely deployed until electric cars are popular.

Indian Motorcycle trademarks name for its first electric motorcycle, the EFTR

Indian Motorcycle looks to be headed toward its first electric motorcycle based on a new trademark filed by the company.

Should the US have a gas-guzzler tax? Germany makes plans for one

Germany last week doubled its consumer subsidies of electric vehicles that cost up to €40,000. But a more powerful measure is in the works to help Germans transition to fuel-efficient vehicles: a high tax on vehicles that get less than about 28 miles per gallon.

Tesla (TSLA) becomes world’s most valuable automaker, hits $1,000 per share

Tesla (TSLA) has become the world’s most valuable automaker – surpassing Toyota – as its stock pushes to a new high at $1,000 a share. As its stock price rose, the California-based automaker has been rapidly climbing the ranks of the most valuable automakers in the last few years.

BMW iX3 electric SUV pre-production is launching

BMW is beginning pre-production of the iX3 electric SUV, its first next-generation EV, and sharing the first few first official pictures of the production version.

Utilities aim to make I-5 a West Coast electric highway for commercial trucks

Commercial electric trucks ranging from regional delivery vans to big rigs will have places to plug in when they’re transporting goods up and down the West Coast, according to a plan announced Wednesday by electric utilities serving the West Coast.

Lightyear tests solar tech on a Tesla Model 3

Dutch startup Lightyear plans to launch an electric car powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries. That car isn’t quite ready for production yet, but Lightyear is testing its solar tech on modified Tesla Model 3 sedans.

India Completes World’s Largest Solar Tender, Aims To Reduce Chinese Solar Imports

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) and Azure Power have been declared to be the winners of the largest solar tender. This will result in the installation of 12 gigawatts (GW) of solar power generation and 3 GW per year solar manufacturing with an investment pegged at almost US $9 billion.

Ola Electric acquires Etergo, looks to launch electric scooters in India by 2021

Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, the electric vehicle arm of Ola, has acquired Amsterdam-based Etergo BV, manufacturer of electric scooters.


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