What’s happening in EV? 23 Jun 2021

Tesla begins deliveries of Model S Plaid

Tesla had a delivery event for the new Model S Plaid, which can do a claimed 0-60 in 1.99 seconds! Motor trend has a nice article on not just the tests, but how to achieve the blistering accelerations

Gogoro pairs up with Foxconn to mass-produce its electric scooters and swappable batteries

Just after announcing its partnership with Hero MotoCorp in India, Gogoro is partnering with Foxconn. The partnership is expected to see Gogoro and Foxconn collaborate on several projects including swappable battery packs, vehicle engineering, and manufacturing.

Audi says it’ll only launch new EVs from 2026

Audi announced that they will produce their last combustion engine in 2033, and expects to launch only EVs from 2026. One more major manufacturer committing to switch away from combustion engine is great news for the industry!

Charging EVs, without dedicated parking spots

While we’re not distant from the idea of not having a dedicated parking spot, hence doing jugaad to charge EVs, it’s fascinating to see how people in other countries are managing this.

Why Electric Planes are Inevitably coming

Now that we have electric 2Ws, cars, trucks, semis, buses, boats, when would we start seeing electric airplanes? Sooner than you think. This documentary by Wendover Productions is an interesting deep-dive into the airline industry, and why they might go electric sooner than later.

Simple Energy Mark 2 to be unveiled on Independence Day

Simple Energy has announced that they’ll reveal the new Mark 2 electric scooter on Independence day this year. Exciting to see the EV space grow, and more people switching to electric vehicles!

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TVS iQube to be available in 20 cities by March 2022. Source : Autocar India

Launched in Pune,chennai and Coimbatore in past few months,if the battery had been around 2.8kwh or 3kwh and the styling a bit modern it would sell like hotcakes.

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