What’s happening in EV? 22 July 2020

India’s first public EV charging plaza inaugurated in Delhi

In a move that will deliver a boost to the cause of electric vehicles in India, the government has set up a first-of-its-kind charging plaza for electric vehicles in India. Located at Chelmsford Club in New Delhi, the public electric vehicle charging plaza will host a total of five electric vehicle chargers. But that’s not the only thing that makes it special though; these five EV chargers will all be of different specifications. Hence, the first of its kind bit about this EV charging plaza.

Pravaig Extinction: Bengaluru-based EV project eyes high-end fleet market

The company claims a 500km range from a 96kWh battery pack, which they say is assembled by them right here in India. The motor puts out 130hp and Pravaig says the car will hit a top speed of 196kph. Interestingly, the flier shared also indicates the car has autonomous driving capability and other features like a swappable battery, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration, eight airbags and connectivity solutions.

Tesla leads UK’s 150% increase in electric car sales

Electric car sales are surging in the UK, led by Tesla, which still maintains strong sales in the market despite the pandemic. The pandemic has severely affected automotive sales around the world. However, electric vehicle sales have held up well amid the devastation in the auto industry.

Zero is giving an extra $1,500 to anyone who trades in a gas motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles has just announced that they are re-instating their “Cash for Carbon” trade-in program that adds an additional $1,500 on top of the gas bike’s assessed trade-in value.

Elon Musk says ‘close’ to level 5 autonomy complete

Elon Musk briefly discussed Tesla’s effort to reach full self-driving and showed great confidence in delivering such a system soon: “I am extremely confident that level or essentially complete autonomy will happen, and I think will happen very quickly. I think at Tesla, I feel like we are close to level 5 autonomy”.

Tesla patents new technology for lithium metal/anode-free battery cells

Tesla has applied for a patent on new electrolyte solutions for a new lithium metal or anode-free battery cell. In short, it offers great advantages when it comes to energy density and costs, but it needs improvements when it comes to longevity.

BMW unveils electric iX3 SUV, with big claims about more power, range, and space

The all-electric BMW iX3 SUV is not coming to the United States. But the company is still trumpeting the iX3 as the beginning of its major EV campaign – and the debut of a more capable EV drive system. The production of the version of the iX3 was unveiled today. If nothing else, it provides new images for the best glimpse yet of the model.

Nissan unveils 300-mile Ariya electric SUV with liquid-cooled battery, 130kW CCS charging, starts at $40k

A decade after the introduction of its Leaf compact EV, Nissan officially unveiled the Ariya electric SUV. The Ariya promises to shake up the EV market with an attractive all-electric crossover providing up to 300 miles on a charge — with a base model starting at $40,000. Unfortunately, it does not go on sale until well into 2021.

GM is planning Silverado-like electric pickup truck with 400 miles of range

GM is planning a Silverado-like electric pickup truck with 400 miles of range on a single charge, as disclosed in a new document released by the automaker. Late last year, after both Tesla and Ford confirmed plans to bring all-electric pickup trucks to market in 2021, GM announced its own electric pickup truck program on the same timeline.

Tesla secret project Palladium: new Model S and Model X are coming

Not much is known about the project as Tesla is keeping the information compartmentalized throughout the organization, but Electrek has been able to confirm its existence with several sources. The project involves building new production lines for updated versions of the Model S and Model X.

Last First-Generation Tesla Roadster Built Can Be Yours For $1.5 Million

The Roadster is the car that got people talking about Tesla in the late noughties, even if it was built around a Lotus chassis and only 2,500 examples were ever manufactured. But it was fun, fast and undeniably interesting, and looking at where Tesla is now, it can almost be considered a historic model - a classic (even if it’s only about 10 years old).

BYD Han EV Luxury Sedan arrives in China for about $40k

The new flagship electric sedan from BYD, the Han EV, will go on sale in China this month, the company reported last week. The BYD Han EV is ten years in the making and could be the model that allows BYD to break through to Europe and the U.S. in meaningful volumes.

EESL to Set Up 162 EV Charging Stations in Noida

The Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has signed an agreement with the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) to set up 162 public charging stations and related infrastructure.

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