What is Optimised Charging?

Optimised charging is a feature to help you optimise your charging time on Ather 450X and Plus Gen 2 and later. When enabled, it will limit the maximum charge to 80%. You can enable or disable this feature anytime on the dashboard - either in Settings or when you plug in the Dot or portable charger.*

What is the benefit of Optimised Charging?

Use this feature if you don’t need 100% charge for your routine travel. It not only extends your battery life, but suits your travel needs too.

Enabling/Disabling in Settings:

Enabling/Disabling from the ‘Charger Detected’ screen:

The latest version of the Ather App will reflect a few changes when Optimised Charging is in use:

  • While charging, the home screen will show ‘Optimised Charging’ when it is enabled. The charging bar will be limited to 80%.

  • You will be notified when the scooter is charged up to 80% when Optimised Charging is on. You will not be able to enable or disable Optimised Charging through the Ather App.

Some things to note:

  • Optimised charging can only be enabled when your scooter’s charge level is below 80%.

  • For Gen 2 owners, ensure that you’re on Atherstack 5.3 or later to use optimised charging.