What is included in the battery subscription? What's not included in the battery subscription?

In battery subscription, you purchase the scooter upfront without the batter. You also pay for the battery’s performance as a subscription, which is what results in unlimited warranty. The battery subscription also includes data services, over-the air updates, unlimited fast charging at Ather Grid. If you’ve subscribed to this plan, whenever your battery degrades to anything less than 80% of its original capacity, we’ll replace it with a new one. This works like your regular warranty, but for the entire lifetime of the scooter. This plan would be ideal if you want your scooter to provide a consistently high performance throughout its life, without you ever worrying about degradation. Another salient feature of this subscription plan is that you can switch between Plus and Pro depending on your usage needs, which you can’t do if you buy the vehicle upfront.

What’s not included in this cost - periodic servicing, charging cost reimbursement.

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