What is covered in Warranty?

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Can someone please help me with the Warranty Coverage of the Scooter? What parts are covered and what are not? Is it a replacement warranty or a repairing warranty?

I tried getting this answer from the customer support on phone, but they were unsure and had very vague answers. This was quite shocking tbh.

Is there any online document / kb article that defines the warranty coveage?



So no one on this forum knows about the warranty coverage? :sweat_smile:


Anything you break is not covered in warranty anything gets broken by itself gets warranty :grimacing:


Thats honestly vague. Is there no proper and relevant documentation on this?


What does it mean by third party insurance

What does it covers ?

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Actually no, there isn’t see ‘warranty’ term itself is self-explanatory, they will cover all electronic and 3-year battery warranty if it gets out of work, or the battery falls below the 80% threshold. For other consumable parts like brake pads, belts, and bearing they are offering a service plan in that they cover the replacement of it, now only part if it ever needs changing is brake disc and some other non consumable parts which if it fails it lies under payable.


I think battery capacity threshold for warranty is 70% and not 80%

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