What features have been incorporated to address range anxiety?

The Ather 450X comes with a home charger that is designed for overnight charging. With a fully charged vehicle every morning, that’s ready to travel up to 85 km every day, you wouldn’t have to worry about range anxiety. On days you have to go that extra mile, Ather Grid network is there to help you fast charge your vehicle. Still need a back up? Well, you could go for the portable charging cable that’s available as an accessory.

Additionally, the dashboard UI also has a real-time efficiency indicator which, through bright red glows, prompts the user to check the aggressiveness of his/her ride. The Ather app also comes equipped with a Ride Statistics section that provides requisite data about each ride to help the users understand their riding behaviour and its relation to range better.

In fact, to know more about how the current range meets the needs of a majority of our customers today, speak to an Ather owner on the Ather Forum.