What does this red colour signify?

Can any of the learned and experienced Ather owners shed some light on the specific signalling on ather dashboard. I just got the delivery yesterday and curious to understand what this signify.

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This is Efficiency Hue - reflects your average battery consumption in last 10 seconds. Depends on your riding style, elevation, weight etc…


that’s the realtime efficiency… if you’re riding efficiently, there will be a smaller halo or none. once you start riding Harsh or accelerating hard, it glows red

So it means that the battery charge drains quickly if it’s red for a longer time. No long term impact on battery life right?

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Technically, if your efficiency is less, you will have more charge cycles -> meaning battery degrades faster…

But, in reality, it is very very negligible. In fact, idle drain causes more charge cycles than your bad efficiency. So, drive as you like :slight_smile:

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