What do you Think about Ather TWheee™ Ad

Really Annoying and Lot of Insult from Other People :expressionless::smirk:


Definitely a possible use case but they refuse to implement it. Especially Gen 3


no dude, not even remotely possible since they use a “12 YEAR” old processor. those problems like Bluetooth constantly disconnecting and random restart of the dashboard is all symptoms of this processor. The older quad processor is incapable of doing this massive load of processing. IMO the processor is Bluetooth 4.1 and newer phones are Bluetooth 5 and above this should be the primary cause of the paring + disconnect issue + Map issues.


Video playback on a scooter is not sensible feature its a scooter not Tv/entertainment device. Instead work on whats important features like making maps more like Google map that we get on mobile phones also voice navigation audio for directions. Current map is not usable the pointer is way to small and doesn’t always points in correct direction. Also map refresh slowly.


I haven’t faced Bluetooth disconnection issue yet. I have 450x gen 3.1. And using iphone 11. As soon as i start the bike Bluetooth automatically gets connected.


Well said… :clap:t2::clap:t2: At this point I would say concentrate more on optimizing the existing features to run smoothly. Especially Google Maps please.


I thought it is an April Fool gimmick… If it is serious, please do not bring in junk features… People like me are waiting for more sensible features like cruise control etc. Don’t make the dashboard an idiot box!


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