What are the chances and possible solution to avoid flight being stolen?

Is there any option of immobilizing the flight when there is intrusion or the vehicle being hardwired, possible solutions.


@abhishek.balaji if our flight is in shutdown mode and its stolen then what happens?

We can have above as a feature request :thinking:


Since the key isn’t programmed their is possibility of hardwiring the entire thing, which makes it possible to steal the vehicle. I might be wrong but there are multiple ways to do it. Can we immobilize the vehicle

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Throwing in my vote for this, the key also isn’t a difficult-to-forge type, just a rather simple piece of metal that any locksmith can copy and use.

I don’t know what hardwiring is, but u have the option of locating ur scooter anytime on the Ather App which I found it to be very useful, I use an Android phone and have been using this option to locate my scooter at any given time, but I think u have to subscribe to any one of the connect plans to activate this feature, I got the monthly option activated and I assume that since the sim in the scooter is inbuilt and cannot be accessed right away u will still have ample time to track down ur scooter in any worst case scenario of theft, hope this helps.

If your scooter is in Shutdown mode, the location services won’t work, just FYI.


So, does it not show up on radar on the Incognito mode, for 24 hours.

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Oh okay thanks, I did not shutdown my scooter till now so did not know about this, so if the scooter is shutdown then it should be impossible for someone else also to steal the scooter and ride away I guess, he has to carry it in some way to his hideout which is highly unlikely they opt this way, I think Ather scooters are much more secure when compared with other scooters in my opinion, or am I missing anything else here?