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Hi. I’m facing problems in my ather 450. From last few days it was going in low power mode, past few days welcome sound and indicator sound is not coming. In dashboard indicator and park assist sound is on. But then also it’s not coming.

I have tried restarting, shutdown and on. I have have raised the issue with cs team, but no response.

I want to know anyone is having faced the problem before.

I recommend writing email to CS at info@atherenergy.com incase if CS response over call is not satisfactory you will definitely get better response and solution as it is a written communication.

Interesting. Recently. My indicator stopped working. And I assumed it was a small hardware issue or something. So I booked for a pickup of my scooter. But before that happened my scooter went into low power mode and I ended up called RSA. And they dropped off my scooter to ather. After which guys at ather told me that there was an issue with the wiring harness and it had to be completely replaced. So if your scooter is going into low power mode. You just have to contact ather. Emails and reports take a ton of time. Give them a call and and get I done. If they say they’ll pick it up after a week. Suggest RSA since your scooter isn’t in a state to be ridden to the service centre also.

Even I am facing the same issue from past 2 days. Did your problem got resolved @JUNAIDBELADAR?

I have booked a service slot for mine this Friday. The speaker has stopped working, so no indicator sounds, startup/reverse chimes!

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Yes me too

I also facing same issue & I call Cs for that issue

No. It’s not solved

Even iam facing the same issue from 4 days,

Hey folks,

Please report these to CS directly, they’ll reach out to you to take it forward and schedule service if required.

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