Weekend rides!

I’m interested too, and will try to make it. I have a portable charger that I can get along as well.


u can come to goragunte palya by 6am… we shall start from there

Hmmm it’s about 30km for me to get there so I’ll be at Gamechanger to fast charge. Can we meet there?

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hei buddy u there

we are near goraguntapalya

It makes me sad that I can’t just you guys…





You guys enjoy there… I enjoy here…
Will also go to Tesla showroom tomorrow or the day after…
Saw a black Tesla model S yesterday Near my hotel…

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hey Ather gang

this place is cool

we can have very good time here

people who are interested in trekking will also enjoy the place

can we (atleast group of 10) owners do a weekend ride together

interested please raise your




Probably next week…

Me me me…


I don’t have a portable charger though, need to borrow it from someone for a day

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Anyone going for a weekend ride?

Are you people going weekend trip tomorrow or next weekend…

next weekend probably yes

for tomorrow no plan

but if anyone interested about any place let me know

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Next week I am in…

hello Ather gang

we are planning a ride on 10th of August to


కర్ణాటక 562159

it is around 50 to 60km (depends on which part of the bangalore you live)

I’ll figure out charging options by next week

even otherwise am confident that we can manage

also let me know if someone know anyone there… will be much easier

posting it way before so that people can plan things

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This will not happen. Even from RR Nagar arch, it’s around 30 kms. But while coming back, the road is uphill.

i was saying we can find place to charge easily

Yeah. But without a charging point it’s impossible.