Weekend rides!

Were you riding at eco mode??

No, I was in Sport throughout. I started the trip by about 6:30am, but I should’ve started earlier. It’s actually way easier to get a better efficiency when there’s no traffic.


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What speed did you maintain, could you share your ride stats?

I left at almost 7 :no_mouth: I’m sure ride stats could’ve been better if I left earlier though.
Either way, here’s first half of the trip, from bottom of image, to Airavatha. Wasn’t being too conservative with speed because I was going to charge anyway.

Then tried to be careful on the way to TK falls.

Google maps showed the wrong location first. Then figured the right one 700m away.

Coming back, I was really really tired and it was quite sunny, which is probably why I had the best efficiency of the trip😂 so accelerating slowly and riding slow too.


‘Anather’ impromptu weekend ride to Savandurga. The roads to this place are so good!

Average Efficiency was 25Wh/km.
Left Royal Airavatha with 97%, returned with 27%, almost like 1% per km.


It would be good to have weekend community rides keeping in mind the distance limitation on EVs

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Bangalore is a city of hills and lakes. Just plot a point and go :slight_smile: Most hills are a bit further away though, so you might have to use a grid point to get there.


Went to Shivagange hill yesterday, which is after Nelamangala. Decent roads.

Charged at game changer till about 98%. The total distance was about 45+45=90. The plan was to return at 50% battery. But I also wanted to make it all the way, so kept my speed at about 25-30kmph. Surprisingly reached with 63% battery remaining.

Used ECO throughout. Perfect during long rides, because even small jerks in twisting the throttle, eg. on rumble strips or humps, are smoothened out and don’t drain battery.

Returned with ECO and SPORT once my predicted range evened out and crossed distance remaining.

Someone had kept their scooter for charge at gamechanger even after it reached 100🤦🏻‍♂️ decided to go for lunch and left a note on their scooter to plug in mine. Came back half an hour later and no sight of owner yet. Luckily ECO had about 12kms left, so went to Torq92 and charged.


Very unfair on people to leave charger on after 100%. Ather needs to do something about it.


I am planning to go to Electronic City to my friends house and stay there for 2 days. My friends apartment does not have a charging plug (disappointed).

Is there a place where I can charge my 450X 1 or 2 times as I am planning very short rides on NICE road :sweat_smile: .

Also I do have my portable charger with me.

Planning a trip to Lepakshi this weekend (on Friday or Saturday) if there are any gen 1 owners interested let me know

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Did you make it to Lepakshi ?

Interested to know your experience and your pitstops :slight_smile:


Not-yet Due to monsoon rains and floods

Will plan again soon


Please let me know if we are planning any Rides in Bengaluru would love to join.

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We can plan now. Seems like the weather has got better now in Bangalore. But you never know, ha ha.

Now that we have a grid on the airport road. Seems like Nandi hill is very much possible now.


Do we have any Whatsapp group or so to coordinate and plan a ride


when will the next ride for Bangalore owners be?