Weekend rides!

Happy journey guys

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Nice…@pkg7723 and @Abhishek only?

though there are many interested initially, may be

most of the felt it so… we only we both

so we have started in the morning around 6 from royal airavath (there was some slight confusion with the time and place and pradeep have waited at different location for more than half hour)

so we had enough charge and started towards a place with nice small temple with a some water flowing nearby with mountains around the place.

ride going towards the place was really good - except some off-roading part and we need to cross multiple villages on the way and have to take many turns to reach the place, when we reached the place we realized that we cannot take the bike all the way to the temple, so walked there and took some pics

it was interested how they have put-up shivalinga inside a cave where it is even difficult to crawl, had to do many feats to capture the pics, there is one more cave, which is much smaller, but neither me or pradeep are able to get in so couldnt explore whats inside,

been there for about an hour and returned to parking spot

where the fun and exploration began

tried getiing into the water where there are, to the knee level and we noticed some fishes are interested to tickle our feet, so had some fish pedicure there though interested fish count is less.

now the though (maddness) in brain started, why not immerse the battery in the water and take some shot’s with my mobile,

which turn out to be a stupid decision i have taken in recent months


once we are done with the shots have taken the bike out and we had some more time exploring the place sitting on the rocks in middle of the water,

when we decided to start our return, have turn on the key and there is error on dashboard prompting there is some error with motor, and little later there is some error advising the temperature is too high and advising to turn off the motor which it never turned on,

so we have decided to wait for little longer time for water to drain(just in case ), as it is clear by this time there is some water in motor area,

we were still confident at this point that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle (as i had similar situation when i was going to chennai in on of the hops at chittor for charging there is power cut’s multiple times and at times it use to show some error about fan where no new factor came in, which was resolved by itself after some wait) and it is just that some checks which the system is trying to do isn’t successful to start the motor successfully, so have shutdown the system and waited for quiet some time and turned on the bike, now i hear some weird noises like literally obvious that there is something wrong with the motor (it was similar indicator noise in cars at regular intervals)

though we are little doubtful, i was still confident about the bike as i felt the sound from motor is sign of recovery

as we have to find charge for return, we decided to start and have pushed the vehicle from behind and we have hit the road, in about 2km we saw there is a small kirana store on the side of the road and the vendor asked if we need petrol as we are pushing the vehicle, i noticed there is a refrigerator in a room beside his shop, so decided to give a try to charge our vehicles, pradeep spoke to him in kannada and he agreed to allow for charge

started charging pradeep vehicle while i was trying to figure out what could be the issue with my vehicle. now motor started to respond, i can hear and see that motor is on but when i tried to accelerate it just makes some weird noise which is very familiar to me (i use to observe this sound when there is very less like below 10% and i try to ride the vehicle up the parking ramp, obviously it cannot take the ramp and i need to get down so that it is easy for the bike, but motor use to make similar noise and i was under impression that the belt is primary belt is skipping, as i can see secondary belt isn’t skipping),

still hopeful that it is on its way to recovery

we are not able to charge both the vehicles at the same time as there is no enough load may be so we let the pradeep 450 to charge

now after some time randomly trying we engaged park assist, now we notice the motor started to work, but it was going forward when it is supposed to go forward and vice-versa

am surprised with this and tried pushing the vehicle while the motor is on and now i notice some improvement, motor is responding but the speed is too low, i restarted the vehicle and turned on the motor and now it started going reverse with no speed limit!

if i throttle it just goes reverse with full potential and on sports mode the torque power is obvious but in opposite direction,

now i stopped playing with vehicle and parked ti for some time and restarted the vehicle and lucky this time it recovered, so we decided to charge my vehicle too, just to make sure before i charged i have a ride for about 2km and it was fine so was happy that it recovered by itself, charged for an hour and started our return to bengaluru


Please join this group. Owners around Bangalore University.

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after we started initially have noticed small hesitance from motor (noticed some jerks from motor)

but later it was all fine,

we have covered almost 12km with no issue and it was all smooth untill i have reduced the speed below 10km where i need to take some turn and all of a sudden resistance from motor trying to go reverse again!

now the problem returns and have tried multiple times but no luck, decided not to stress the vehicle much and started pushing the help of other vehicle and it long time to reach Bididi, where the range left in pradeep vehicle is only 8km as we are consuming more energy so we decided to look for help, and got help almost immediately at petrol pump

now as we have enough time and confirmation that flight turned bad and require some attention form the team, i called customer care from pradeep mobile (as my mobile is dead as most of the battery spent on navigating to and fro from place as there is no signal on dashboard), and explained situation and initially the discussion was about understanding and later about how should treat this issue and what is the Ather call on this situation regarding the warranty and RSA etc as i wanted thing to be clear (well informed on the proceedings)

but after few calls from customer care, i felt they need more time and so have told them to sort the interpretation on policy terms regarding the situation (i knew they are trying to help but i wanted to be clear if this is something they can offer to all customers without clauses (if any declared) under the term service)

clearly all of us want this company to grow and i know they have a fantastic team which we always praise about. i tried not to argue on these terms as i didnt want to sound like an idiotic customer to the call center guys (i know how the day for a customer service guy’s job will be while handling calls, and one stupid customers call will screw their day entirely, even personal peace will be lost in just an hour for the entire day and at times for a month)

i dindnt want to be that customer at any point of the time (that is one of the reasons why i donot call customer care though things are bad, and i write a mail to keep the situation cool)

but this time i had to as i need to make some arrangements, as i was all dependent on pradeep all the day for help, who was so patient all day with my stupid acts (though he had urgetn reason to return bengaluru) i literally screwed his day also may be his weekend

i gave them good time to think and advised that i shall ring them once i reach royal airavath myself (it was good 1.5 hours for them to decide on how they want to handle the situation thorughout and not for once)

i have to tell you call didnt go well…

when we are returning a guy on RTR extended his help pushing vehcile for about 5km voluntarily which i felt good, (generally i am too hesitant to just offer help before i was asked for, though i want to as am not good at initiating a conversation, but i felt i should learn form this guy, he also made sure before he take his turn towards his destination checked with us how far do we need to go) a little learning for the weekend in all this mess

finally reached royal airavath where we have started, well within Ather RSA area…

now pradeep left his vehicle with me (we had slight mishap with his vehicle on the way - i was responsible so i insisted to give the vehicle for service which he didnt want to initially)
so i can take vehicle to service center to get some service and replacement done

we made one last call to customer care before pradeep left the place my mobile battery is completely drained

i have to say though i didnt like to i was little unhappy about this call, not for the fact they stated some warranty clauses which i must have read for sure when i got the vehicle as we have plenty of time then, but all these days confidence was growing every time i through scenarios to the flight it performed reasonably well and most of the time am pushing the limits, but my flight refuse to give-up like me in most of the areas

probably today i tried to explore different dimension which was not so desirable for the outcome to be good

which was my decision though!!!


i know this was sad that i screwed my vehcile but wanted to give some time for myself to understand why and how thing went wrong as the whole experience (except the ride to the temple) was bad and i have to trouble another guy all day who was so good and trying to help

so didnt proceed with the call…

and left the vehicle at royal airavath and asked help of both security and reception guy to understand if they have any issue if i park the vehicle for more than a day as i felt i need more time to decide on things going forward
a big shoutout to those guys as they immediately agreed to help (i was expecting some resistance) except for vehicle safety, as they there will vehicles coming to the place all day, which am quite ok as we cannot except more form them

headed to IBC with pradeep vehicle so that they can fix some cosmetic things on the vehicle and the break

on the way i tried to charge my mobile at some mobile shop and it didnt workout as they dont have type-c and the cable with me is not working properly - for 10mins it showed only 1% charge, so ignored it headed to IBC

finally in IBC

as i cannot call and i dont remember CC number i decided to go to reception to inform them

but the security guys were hesitant to inform anyone on the floor as they never a guy walkup on Saturday and they informed me there are only 2 guys on the floor and they arent sure which department they belong so wont be helpful to u

i lost my cool as they are not allowing me to explain my situation, and kept on repeating the same thing over and over
i raised my voice and security is clearly upset with me and shouted back and i realized immediately its my day and so decided to leave and placed a request in their brain in sarcastic way and left the place…

sorry security team - my behavior was bad

but when i came down i desperately looking for some kind of help waited for sometime hoping if i can see someone in Ather logging out!! didnt work

so have decided to seek help from IBC security guy and requested if i can use his mobile internet and make a call, and made a call to CC and handed over the vehicle and returned home


i know this was a long post

but i wanted be precise on the events which lead to situation and i have also deleted the post with pic - my flight parked in water, i know most of them must have already seen that but i wanted everyone to be careful on this and refrain from any similar actions…

this post is only intended to create awareness and definitely not to draw any conclusions at this stage, if it is good or bad

my mom keep on saying that i should limit my excitement towards the things when i returned home and she said it is absolutely my fault as it is my decision to take the risk

which i was happy about that all these days, as i felt am learning things all the time and spreading awareness in my way

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Taking Ather to places on ‘road’ is already a bad idea as RSA will not be provided outside bangalore/Chennai. Taking Ather off-roading and parking it in water is an absolutely terrible idea. I’m sorry but you went too extreme.


What went wrong is something you already explained. So I just wanted to ask about the water part.

Ather claims ip67 rating with submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

And they also claimed that Ather 450 went extreme test conditions and one of them being water logging.

So when you submerged the vehicle, was it more than 30 minutes??

Because, Ather experience center showcases this in the experience center also… So would like to understand if your case was really more than they tested???

i know time is relative here

i haven’t recorded the time though, but i just checked

9.29 was the first pic and 9.41 is the last video, so definitely not more than 30 min though,

but please note-battery is all good in this case

there is issue with the motor sensor and controller as the polarity is changed now…

instead of going forward it is going reverse…

Doing this ride today with @sknayan2910. If anyone is interested, meet us at nice toll gate at hosakerehalli at 2 PM.



but i enjoyed it all the time

cheers :grin:

Enjoyment and thrill comes at a uninsured risk sometimes. You gotta be careful.

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The submerged pic was really something :sweat_smile: I was extremely happy to see it since it inspired a lot of confidence that at her can be used in all weather conditions in bangalore, seems that is not the case as I have been in such deep waters on bangalore roads too. @Abhishek you are one of the reasons I have so much confidence on the bike, I’m just waiting to see how this plays out.

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Where is this?

Hey Abhishek, sorry to hear this, can happen to any one of us when going down in a underpass in Bengaluru rains. Hope this gets resolved, also let us know if you need any support from the community

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But that photo is awesome!!

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Of course it was. Standing on a cliff and taking a selfie is awesome too. But for the risk you’re taking, such things aren’t worth.