Weekend rides!

Hey guys!
I am going to Airport tomorrow morning.
Anyone joining?

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shit man, missed it again… now i am in Hyderabad. Just let me know a few days in advance and ill keep days open fo sure

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Every Sunday mornings 6 am.

Today was home-airport- Whitefield- home

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Where do you charge your vehicle near the Airport or on the way?

Last fast charging on the way to airport is Torq92 Sahakarnagar… :slightly_smiling_face:

My house is Near Manyata Tech Park.
So no need for a charge for the trip unless I am in SPORT mode

C’mon Ather, please install fast charger!!

Who’s up for this ride to my farm house?
~60kms from hennuru.

Can charge there if power is there.

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hello people

someone interested

let us know

if charging is bothering you


shall try to sort a plan based on number of people interested

will borrow chargers as well

55kms from my house.
What about charging?
What is the total distance in the trip together?

Will we have place to charge?

13°04’17.9"N 77°16’45.4"E
Parvathapalya, Karnataka 562127

This is the place where we charge our flight.

Shared route
From Goraguntepalya, Yeshwanthpur to Shivagange via NH75.

1 hr 24 min (50 km)
Avoiding motorways

  1. Head east
  2. Turn right
  3. Turn left
  4. Turn left
  5. Turn left
  6. Turn left onto Nelamangala - Majestic Service Rd/Service Rd
  7. Keep left to stay on Nelamangala - Majestic Service Rd/Service Rd
  8. Keep right to continue on Bengaluru - Mangaluru Hwy
  9. Keep right to stay on Bengaluru - Mangaluru Hwy
  10. Keep left to continue on Nelamangala - Majestic Service Rd
  11. Continue straight
  12. Keep left
  13. Keep left
  14. Turn left to stay on NH75
  15. Keep right to stay on NH75
  16. Take the exit toward Kunigal Rd
  17. Turn right onto SH 3
  18. Turn right onto Bangalore Service Rd
  19. Turn left
  20. Arrive at location: Unnamed Road
  21. Head northeast
  22. Turn left
  23. Turn right onto SH 3
  24. Turn left
  25. Arrive at location: Shivagange
    For the best route in current traffic visit https://maps.app.goo.gl/qen4uGV4x3Sj1qzz7

Route plan for weekend.

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Well then, count me in!
What time and where to meet?

Yeah… I need one!
Anybody willing to lend me this Sunday?

What time you guys are playing to leave Bangalore?

I can’t come along with you guys. But based on the timings atleast can meet n greet near yeshwanthpur.

Can we do this next week?
I won’t be in town for a while…

About 6 am

hey @arvind_nair

u were asking the other day about long ride

we have planned one this Sunday



Ah thanks for remembering man…! :blush: But have other plans this weekend though there are chances it may get cancelled. Unless something changes, I won’t be able to join you guys…