We want motorcycle.... Maybe a sports bike or a super bike

As we see EVs gonna take over… At the very beginning 450 was the best in EV sector now EV industry is expanding quite fast than expected this performance*450X is not enough and want more of a real riding experience more than daily commute… It would be nice if ather could bring some sporty stylish motorcycle… Now the word "MOTOR"cycle will be perfect

Expecting a bike variety with exciting performance and dashing design…

People with same opinion let this topic make @tarun give us something🥺


That will be so much desirable. Scooters are cool but they look kinda stupid on a longer leisure rides and on the freeways. An electric sports/performance bike will be so much cooler. Btw, am waiting for Ultraviolette F77 which seems really exciting and ticks all the boxes. :blush:


But still I feel f77 is quite over priced for its specs… So thought after could get a nice product…TBH…I want more choices. The time when I got ather I had only 1option so… This time more options would be better​:grimacing::sweat_smile:


Sell me an electric touring bike and I am all in!


Check out the oben

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