We are coming down to meet you!

Hey folks!

You have seen the deliveries happening in Chennai, and we’re sure you have questions. Before you get your 450, we want you to understand the Ather 450 inside-out. We are coming down to Chennai this Sunday to meet you and help you get to know the scooter better.

When: Sunday, 17th Nov ‘19 Session 1 - 9am to 11am Session 2 - 2pm to 4pm

Where: Ather Space, Chennai

What you’ll see:

An exclusive open house session Get all the information about the performance, features and its functioning.

Reviews by Chennai Owners A few Chennai owners will be joining us too, to share their ownership experience. It means you get a first hand review of the Ather 450

Exclusive test ride Best part, you get to take an extended test-ride, to get the real feel of the scooter, as we have blocked the day only for our pre-order customers.

We’ve also dropped an email to you with an invite. You can RSVP below or on the email. See you on Sunday! :smiley:



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This meeting owners only or pre order booking person also.

This Open House is only for invited pre-order folks.

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Sessions 1

Hey you can RSVP here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCgMQZatGtnga3iI-PbmqxVXTDZsNkoarg0kEzzrIYD1e0Cw/viewform

Thanks for organizing this, much appreciated! Would it be possible to send a confirmation email to the customers who have RSVPed so that we know our slot is reserved?

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We will :slight_smile:

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Hi Ather team - I was sharing about the open house session to one of my friend, who heads the regional (tamil) auto magazine called - Motor Vikatan. He was curious and like checked with me if he can cover this event and get some articles in his magazine. Please let me know who can take this forward and keep me updated as we have just 1 more day to go.


This has to be routed through the PR team. Let me check and get back on this.

Thanks, feel free to ask the PR team to reach my mobile.

Hi @abhishek.balaji, am bringing a +1 with me, would be fine right?

Hey Bhargav,

This is an exclusive and by-invite event for folks who have pre-ordered. And since we have limited slots and a large number of RSVPs, we are currently not allowing non-preorder folks for the event.

Hey, they’ll reach out to you soon. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi, thanks for the invite, I have booked Ather 450 for my sister, can she accompany me to the meet?

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Pls send session 1 video

Hi Magesh, we do not have a full recording that we can release. If you missed this session, do stay tuned for updates. We should be hosting more sessions in the future.

16582 pls payment open d@y?