Water entering the waterproof screen

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to register a complaint stating that during the lockdown, due to heavy rain in Bengaluru, water has somehow seeped into the screen. It seems like a few drops only but it does raise some concerns.

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Have you reported this to the customer service team?

Just a note that the dashboard is not water proof, but is IP65 rated. For more information on this, check out:

Sir, I don’t think rain water has a higher pressure than a water gun. According to the article you shared, dashboard should prevent ingression of rain water. I’m specifically talking about rain water because the water entered the dashboard 2 months into the pandemic when I never washed the bike with a water gun.

On a seperate note, I registered the complaint through the app and attached pictures too. I honestly wonder if the complaint was registered.

Thanks for replying to my problems.

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Water does enter the dashboard, they recently replaced the entire dashboard for me because of this issue. Ather should figure out something as heavy rains will result in water seeping to main controls.

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Just curious, did they acknowledge that it’s a “manufacturing” issue/fault?

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Share me pictures here also

In heavy rain I ride 450 up to 10km 30 mins… I did not faced any problems…

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Hey, I’ve flagged this to our customer service team and someone will reach out to you to get this resolved.