Watch App

Pls develop Apple Watch App so that it ll be easier to check the battery status of Ather and more .

I’d love to get it on my Samsung watch too. But…

Unlike Phone OS, there are many different Wearable OS - there are atleast 10 different OS right now. I don’t have the actual percentage of distribution, but looking at smartwatch sales, Tizen should have the biggest percentage. for smartphones Android and iOS run on 99.5% of smart phones. But for watches, OS other than Apple’s WatchOS and Tizen on Samsung watches, others also have a big percentage (fitbit, garmin, pebble etc…). Therefore, to cover many people, there should be 10 versions of the same app. This doesn’t make a good case for making a Watch app.

All said and done, Why not? :slight_smile:


They should launch a watch app for atleast the 2 most popular OS widely used in the world I.e., iOS and Android OS which would show the real-time battery (SoC) on the scooter via the Ather app on the phone! People who are willing to have such feature could always shift to either one of the above mentioned OS for compatibility and usability!! RGT

Tizen, Watch OS and Wear OS. If we have an app for these main platforms, that itself is a great deal