Warp Mode trials, now in Hyderabad!

They are in the process of installing fast charges, it seems they will be up in 5-6 days

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Tried the Warp Mode tuned 450 today…Sandeep@Ather on the ground was very helpful and informative. Long story short…the Warp mode blew me away…was able to hit a max 90 kmph speed with ease…the ride quality…grip on the bends…breaking was on point and overall balance was excellent. That’s some piece of work…have made up my mind to go for it!

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Any idea how much isit going to cost 450x on road price in Hyderabad. Rough estimates with insurance and other charges. Plus yearly subscription plan.

So when can we experience the actual production version test rides? This is important for any potential buyer to experience it before making the full payment


This post from @abhishek.balaji gives the indicative prices. AFAIK Telangana EV policy approved in August this year gives 100% road tax rebate and 100% registration waiver. Which means you just have to add another 3.5k for Insurance. So, approximately a 450x should come to 1.65L OTR in Hyderabad. The 450plus should be around 1.45L OTR.

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Already done at it is super fun

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You mean the production version test ride?

Is the abhishek shared price list includes GST?

No it was the 450 but upgraded software side to work like warp mode and they have the production version also on display.

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Yes… The prices indicated is Vehicleprice + GST - FAME II subsidy - State subsidy known so far

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display vehicle

Were you able to ride it. How was it compared to the prototype

Production version is for display as of now. But it was looking awesome. Test rides are available only on 450 versions.

Hemanth could you please share - AFAIK Telangana EV policy approved details

You can see it in the below links


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Entire Telangana Ather dealership is now managed by Pride motors. As per the sales manager present in new ather space they still require some more time for payment window opening as they are in process of receiving RTO permissions.

Most probably payment window will be opened in Hyderabad only after Nov 15

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Not happy with this new announcement. Slowly my interest on ather diluting. Good offers and discounts on petrol scooters are more convincing then spending 1.7 Lakh and later another year or so struggling with petty issues of ather 450 what other owners are sharing.

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Hyderabad folks let join this group to keep all of us informed on 450x purchase, thoughts.

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Hi ,

i want test ride and I am located in Hyderabad.Please let me know how I can do that.

Thanks praveen


Are the trials still on? Would like to have trial if available today.

The test ride vehicles are placed at main land china opposite to shiparamam enterance.

There are lot of walk-ins for the test ride.if you have patience go ahead but it’s worth the wait.

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