Walk of Shame

I’ve always wanted to figure out if the battery had any buffer range once it hits 0%. I had noticed that other 4wheeler ev’s had some sort of a reserve range after it displays 0% and I wanted to do the same with my 450X under controlled conditions to make sure I wasn’t thrown any surprises when it actually happens in an emergency.

So yesterday night I came back home after a long day and the battery was at 7%. I decided to do the test today close to my home. I turned on the scooter today at around 5 and the battery was at 4% now with 3km DTE. I went for a small grocery run and decided to run the battery completely down. It displayed 1% and 1km DTE once I reached the store.

I was already worried with the abnormal notifications popping up to charge the scooter. I noticed this on the first day of delivery when my dot still wasn’t mapped to my scooter and I couldn’t charge my scooter. It still hasn’t been fixed and the notifications were going haywire.

I reluctantly turned off the scooter worried it wouldn’t turn back on. I did my shopping and came back and fortunately the screen did boot up and all the information was accurate. However the scooter would not turn the motor on. I tried all sorts of things. I did multiple reboots and shutdowns. The motor would simply not turn on. It kept on notifying to press the brake and start button together and I tried that multiple times. But it just wouldn’t.

So after 20 minutes of failed attempts, I had to walk my scooter back home. I already had the thought at the back of my head that people would comment about me pushing along a dead EV. Oh how naive of me. It was about 800m to my home and no less than 20 people (excluding my community neighbours) stopped to comment. Is the range that bad? How many times have you previously pushed it? You should’ve gotten an activa. 1.7lakh is not worth it blah blah blah. I actually found it very funny that people did not believe me when I said I purposely drained the battery. They were puzzled.

Anyways, long story short. The vehicle would not let me ride it even when there is range left in it. Either that or the soc is faulty and needs to be calibrated properly. I request the team to look into this because when push comes to shove, that 1km really matters.


In owning a previous model to date I have too pushed the 450s just 2 times, once because I wanted it to happen and wanted to squeeze out every little energy just to see how much I would be able to pull out of that battery pack so I’ll be ready and always will be calculating if the trip is possible in the charge percentage remaining.

But the second time I had to push was like all hell broke loose I pushed 3 km all the way and even had to push it on a flyover towards Athergrid. On that day I realized that it would always be better to have some range should left, even after calculating the trip. I’m not an efficient rider my ride will always be on par with @abhishek.balaji :stuck_out_tongue: around 40 to 50 Wh but when. People see an EV rider push they just think the scooter is bad but if have they seen an ICE 2 wheeler getting pushed why won’t they ask the same question instead they would be empathetic that he forgot to put petrol.

It would take years of more time for people to really understand how EV works and to change their mindset that EVs are not just toys anymore


Yes. I do hope people see ev’s in a different light than they do now. But the amount of bugs that still exist in the dashboard is a hard pill to swallow. I feel like the improvements are coming at a snails pace and even when they do an older issue pops back up.

And also I am surprised as to how you pushed the scooter on a flyover. The vehicle is not completely free moving and there’s quite a bit of resistance from the motor. You must have been completely exhausted after all those kms.

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I think if you hadn’t turned off the scooter it would have given that 1km range. I have tried this with me Okinawa scooter at very less state of charge twice. Once when I switched off near a Friend’s place it didn’t start and the next is when I didn’t switch it off it actually worked. I am sure this will be the same with Ather also as I have heard about this in many electric scooters. Talking about running out of charge, it happened twice, thanks to the guessometer(battery level indicator) in my Okinawa which is highly inaccurate and my lack of knowledge regarding the same 2.5 years ago. Once, I was stranded 5kms away from my house. I don’t carry charger at the boot as it’s already small and I cannot accommodate all the groceries, books and charger at once. Next time was when my father and my brother were travelling together and were stuck 4kms away. My Okinawa showed 3points of charge and the total distance to cover was 10kms too and forth and it just gave 4kms of range. That’s the reason I appreciate the Ather range indicator is far more accurate than that of Luayan. Did I get the name of the company wrong, no🙃

Try to have portable charger when you go for long drive or the battery :battery:is low. Some shop keepers are now aware of the charging and they allow us charge using PC at some cost. These issues will get solved in near future. :blush:

Yeah I agree with you on that. I think the scooter would have ran fine if I hadn’t turned it off. But it isn’t always feasible to leave your scooter unlocked and walk away if you have to be gone for a while with low SOC.

But it’s a good thing I did that this time. Hopefully they fix the same and others won’t have to face this problem. And yes, the DTE is quite accurate on the vehicle and I have no qualms with it. But what good is it if it doesn’t want to turn on?

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That would be feasible if you’re going on a pre planned trip. But there can be situations where you’re not prepared and I believe it’s better to have all that is available in the tank rather the vehicle locking you out even though there is some range left.

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