Visual feedback for reversing

Apart from the sound during the reverse function, maybe visual feedback notifying others could be implemented. The sounds are quite polite, not that I am against it, this is already perfect, however visual feedback like both the indicators flashing/constantly lit just in the back/all 4 (I am just throwing ideas, you can come with the best), along with braking light constantly lit till the mode is turned off, could be possible I believe with my hope on the devs working on the software. This is quite important as well when it comes to the road, this idea is sort of like a car reversing, and that is what we exactly need for road safety and defensive driving in a smart scooter such as Ather.


Will be a nice addition. However both indicators blinking is not correct-both indicators blinking is to indicate hazard. The indicators are however clear lens LEDs. So if the indicator lamps can be made solid white, it will be nice. It will be just like the car reverse lamp

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