Vishwacs111's Review of the Ather 450

@niteshosmane In Eco mode I’m getting around 70kms. And in non-Eco mode I’m getting around 55 when I’m alone. But I should mention that I’m quite an aggressive rider and the acceleration of the scooter is too addictive. Having said that I went hyper-miling a couple of times and was able to get 70kms even with 2 pretty heavy people onboard. I think I can easily cross 80kms if I’m riding alone. But this is on NICE road with consistent riding at around 55kmph. In real-world scenarios I find the range varies a lot based on your riding style. I rode it from 100% charge to 10% within 42kms once when I was riding in non-Eco mode on terrible roads as if I’m in Baja 1000. Good roads make a big difference to the range. Once I ran out of battery completely about a km from my house and it still had some pull left to reach home. The scooter switches to Eco mode and reduces acceleration and speed a lot when the charge falls below 10%. Besides its very bad for the battery health to take the battery charge below 10% frequently. I think riding sensibly and exploiting regen as much as possible should give you more than 70kms in city. But if you are riding on bad roads aggressively and you only use brakes, then you should plan for charging beyond 50kms. Speaking about regen, some of the observations I have made:

  1. The regen doesn’t kick in till the charge falls below 80%
  2. The deceleration stops below 20kmph. So use brakes to come to a complete stop. I wish they allowed regen till the speed falls below 5kmph.
  3. If the choice is between maintaining constant speed vs accelerating and then decelerate using regen, then maintaining constant speed always better to get better range (kinda obvious given the loss during energy conversion).

One small niggle about the regen I have is that I’m finding it hard to use the front brakes while reversing the accelerator (for regen) with my right hand. And I end up using rear brakes with my left hand. Maybe this is something I need to get used to. Is anybody else facing this issue?


If ridden sensibly then yes I think I can still get more than 70km. But I don’t do it regularly. My daily commute is about 50kms and I recently got charging setup at my office so I can get get to additional places at times. The absolute minimum range I got was around 45kms from 100% to 8%. You are right about losing charge quicker if we have too many stop-start-stop cycles. But then there are many ways you can improve it by starting to slow down sooner using regen instead of brakes and by accelerating slowly.
Range anxiety is being made out to be a bigger problem than it actually is. If you are regularly traveling more than 65kms on bad roads with a lot of traffic and you don’t have a charging possibility at work then maybe this is not a good fit (your only choices are petrol scooters anyway). But anything less than that you can easily manage.
Thanks to @Ather.Team I bought their portable charger and use it in many places including friends houses, basement parkings at malls, even kirana stores. I was hypermiling recently and my battery died completely about 5kms from my place. I got to a petrol pump about a 100m away where I found a defunct tyre inflator that had an active 3 pin plug (something you’d charge your phone with) which gave me enough charge in 15 mins. Mind you I was hypermiling and the bike died after 79kms in a single charge. And I weigh 90kgs. But I think this is the absolute best that I can achieve in real world.


Very thoughtful insights, the range and driving style details will definitely help us in knowing what we are getting into


This is a great ownership experience. Thanks for sharing @vishwacs111


For how long have you had the scooter? If over a month, what is the approximate raise in your electricity bill due to home charging point?


It’s hard to measure this even approximately. My electricity bill varies a lot over month and the first month the bill actually fell.
But we can calculate based on the consumption. It should take 3 units to charge from 0 to 100 (1 cycle) and that will give me 70kms. At 7Rs per unit that’s 30ps per km. Even if it takes 4 units for 1 cycle considering trickle charge, that’s still 40ps per km.


Thats a great ownership review.
Ather claims on their ads as 75 km guaranteed mileage right? Arai is about 100 plus.
So in that case how the mileage is below 75 in eco mode?

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Is Ather planning battery upgrade to existing users? I think 5KW battery will be a significant boost to range.

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