Vinod's 450X

@tarun @abhishek.balaji

Got the delivery of my 450X Series 1 today. I took it to temple for Pooja and guess what the priest asked me if it was a German scooter. I proudly told him no it is an INDIAN scooter. Instead of chanting mantras he was curious to know more details of the vehicle while doing the Pooja as he was a retired Ashok Leyland employee and his son was working at TVS Motors. I was having a celebrity moment as at that moment everyone was looking at my scooter. Thanks Ather Team for making such a good scooter.


Exactly the same happened to me in Rajkot when i took it to Balaji Hanuman temple. Lots of people gathered and asked what kind of scooter is that and everyone was eager to know its pricing and performace!