Vinod Gowda 450x experience

Hey Ather I got an email from you to share my verdict here, so just complying with the same.

Received my Order delivery on 24th DEC 2020.

I am happy to have gone electric, I believe future is all about green clean energy.

Consider my decision to go for an electric vehicle as a step towards better future.

It is going to be extremely difficult for me to express my Like, Love and feeling of improvement as per your email request, more specifically the email stress on making heads turn.

Ather accept my sincere apologies, for I doubt my response would turn heads and improve your sales.

All I can say right now is for my hard earned money invested in this product could have helped me cope with life in general during this time of crisis, I have convinced myself that, this expenditure is purely aimed as contribution towards Green Energy.

I Trust you won’t delete or move this post to a dark corner, I believe to have stuck to your instructions.

I have no suggestion for time being that might make me look like a fiction writer.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Happy Making Money.