Vespa Elettrica

45 KMPH model is priced 6410 Euros - Standard 70 KMPH model is priced 6710 Euros - Premium

India launch is scheduled in March 2020 according to


Looks like junior Chetak :grinning:

I doubt it will cost 90k, how can a scooter priced at 6k+ euros cost 90k is zigwheel author smoking something exotic.
After all we are talking king of overpriced scooters.


Oh no! I’m Outta here! (Runs away with all money)

Vespa Elettrica -----don’t be surprised if they price it around 2,00,000INR.
I own a Vespa-LX125; a good product, a bit expensive to maintain, not many service dealerships around.
One major plus point is the seating ergonomics-----your back never hurts, whatever the distance you ride…hope all follow this.


The original design theme of the Bajaj Chetak was by Vespa - as seen in the movie Roman Holiday (1953). Way back in 1995 I had the opportunity to visit the Vespa (Piaggio) factory at Pontedera in Italy. I was the only non-white person in the 30 people visiting conference group. The Piaggio person who was to take us into the factory saw me and seemed concerned. He then had an animated conversation in Italian with the conference organizer while pointing to me. When I was formally introduced to him he was told that I am from India but I am not from Bajaj! I had seen some fancy looking prototypes in the Piaggio factory in 1995 – some were similar in looks to the current Aprilia model - but we could not take any pictures at that time. Some prototypes were also being tested on the roads there – no cell phones or internet those days. I still have the Piaggio tie that they gave to visitors.