Vehicle was completely unstable just after a month of purchase. Ather team solved issues

The first month with my Ather was amazing and smooth, but after a few days, it began making a thud noise from the front whenever I drove on rough roads. It was irritating, but it managed to withstand the vehicle’s dynamics. After a week, completing 3200km in my Ather, it began to have stability issues that felt like tyres were punctured and was leaning to either side. This was risky and frightening because Ather 450X is our primary vehicle. Concerning the issue, I contacted Ather service, who responded gently and said, “It’s not a big deal, bring the Ather back to us, and we’ll resolve it.” Surprisingly, they treated me well, taking note of all the issues, including the “charger not locking” issue, and resolving it within 15 minutes.

Ather Service Team, Nashik, gets a 9 out of 10. You did an excellent job, paying close attention to the needs of the customer. I hope they will continue to provide us with the same level of service experience.


My experience was also good my front suspension right fork leaked in 4000km and The whole handle arm top to bottom was moving ahead. I first called support of Ather they talked very well and informed my issue to the nearest Ather service centre and next day when i reached they know the problem and they fixed that but they took a little time around 2-3 hours because my fron suspension issue was new and they faced that issue first time but they repaired it very well the reason of that leaked suspension is because harsh breaking that broke the seal of suspension and after that now i have driven my Ather 450x around 6000 km and now no problem are there running smoothly.