Using Google Maps alternatives on the dashboard

Hi Abhisek ji. I suggest Sygic Mapmyindia is best gps navigation and i wan’t to use in my Ather 450X if possible please give permission send link for download for app because google map is not working without internet or mobile network. Some time google map not work and can’t saw proper location accurate. It’s saw more then 50-150 meter far away. iPhone app saw all ride status but android user can’t saw all rides. I suggest all ride data save or send on user’s cloude account, If any time user wan’t to see they can watch and all ride saw like uber and ola trip between start point to end of trip.


Ather team, not sure if there are contractual strings, but this seems to be a viable idea unless it hampers Google APIs for data. I guess not, because sygic can be run as a parallel app, right?