Usage report beta - 3

Hey @OpenLabsBetaGroup

We’re ready to roll out the third closed usage reports beta.

Here’s what’s been fixed:

  • Background font readability has been improved
  • Bug fixes/enhancements on Rider profile, Charging section and badges.
  • Few other minor bug fixes

We’ll soon be rolling it out to all customers in the coming weeks, and you’ll see the usage report continuously improving with new features later in the year.

Check your inbox for your usage report for February 2020, and share your feedback.


I had registered for the beta program and recieves the report for November. But from then on I hsve not recived any. Please help me with this regard.

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Hey it looks like both the reports have been sent to you. Can you check your spam folder to see if it’s landed there?

Overall report looks good, under charging section the 20% & 80% are bold and in black but rest 40, 60 & 100% are dull, so try using more attractive peppy colors rather then light dull gray colors

Recieved February’s report now. Thanks for the help. No it was not in the spam. Probably, my email has not been included in the list. Please ensure the problem is rectified and I get the report from now on.

I haven’t received the report too. I got on November last time.

The report looks good. Of value to me as an user is some trends … Can start with a comparision of values like KMS driven and average wh similar to the charging units. I would like to understand my pattern of riding over a period of time.

That is where we want to get to, and you’ll see a lot of improvements in the usage report over the next few months!


Thanks for the report, It is a very good improved report compare to the first version, lot of improvement, I have achieved 31 KW/KM but the Badge not got Unlocked. Kindly correct the same in next report.

You can introduce the amount of Petrol saved / Introduce a new badge like Saving the Earth by reducing the CO2 emission.

Flagged, thanks for pointing it out!

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Hey, we’ll look into this and send your reports soon!

Thanks for all the feedback, folks! Closing this thread.