Upgrading your Ather 450 to the Ather 450X!

Congratulations on introduction of the peer to peer platform for selling pre-owned Ather 450 tending to the needs of sellers who wish to upgrade to 450X.

I have read the ‘Buyer terms for Ather Certified pre-owned Program’. The typeform asks for the place and pincode of buyer’s residence of either Bangaluru or Chennai. The scope of the program as per the terms is not restricted to said 2 cities and it should not be the case in tune with the spirit of the program. Other cities may also have potential buyers thereby increasing the market and price competitiveness considering that Bengaluru and Chennai buyers already have the advantage of owing Ather vehicles at will with least waiting period.

I appreciate the nature of the program and feel that the sellers should have wider buyer audience. As such the prospective buyer of the pre-owned Ather 450 would be able to access the services of Ather in the cities being launched now and in near future. The buyer would be liable for the logistics of the transit of the pre-owned 450 from seller’s location in either Bangaluru or Chennai to any of the cities where there is Ather service outreach.

It would be highly appreciated if a thought is put into increasing the scope of this program which is a limited period endeavour. Kindly acknowledge and initiate appropriate modification to the program subscription typeform at the earliest.


You could just put some random address ( one each in each city) and once linked. Take it up with the buyer. But I’d the address plays a major role in selected sellers and buyers than that’s an issue.

Will the warranty of remaining years of used ather continue for second owner!!!

Probably that would continue since the warranty is for the scooter.

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