Upgrade offer for early adopters

I had got a message from Ather about this offer, pay 70K and get a Ather 450X. Has anyone availed this offer yet and do they have more details?

I haven’t had the chance to visit the dealer, will be doing it this weekend

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Hi.i too got this offer . My Ather 450 is 3 years old now.Except for range I have no other problems.

I also want to know if anyone has taken this offer and is it worth.


After 3 years, you get a chance to own the latest model as interested/suggested by many in the forum/channels, it’s good a move from Ather Energy.

Congratulations! I wish something is there for me too 3 years down the line :sweat_smile:


I would say it’s worth as with 70k you’d be getting new generation 450x which means you are getting around 1L for your old one which seems highly unlikely outside the market.


Really. Good. I didn’t get any message as of now.

But the amount will vary depending on vehical condition by 1st week of Feb u will be called for inspection post that value will be decided