Upgrade 450plus to 450x

We see in the registration certificate vehicle is registered as 450x for the 450plus vehicle.

Can you guys role out an option to upgrade the bike to 450x as we all know that under the hood the hardwares of both the bikes are same with battery pack and sensors.

So it would be just a software update to upgrade the bike to 450x with more range and options.

Real Need: When I bought the bike my commute was less but now I am in need of few extra miles. Let me know your thoughts for a upgrade plan from 450plus to 450x


Most important part because if the company not update the Ather plus I go to other EV option like simple one and Ola they provide good range

My Ather show 70 km on display but it’s not run 70 km it’s only run 60 or below 60 and the software show i complete 70 km


Depends on your driving style and when you know your running is more than why you purchased 450 plus you should have to go for X model :slightly_smiling_face:

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I easily get 80-90 kms of range in sports mode also i own 450X


Brother necessity can increase after purchasing also.

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As the market is expanding & ev manufacturer providing more features, Ather can do following to 450 plus to impress existing & new customers

  1. Battery upgrade - upgrade 450+ battery just like 450X with fee around 7-8k
  2. Performance upgrade - upgrade 450+ battery & provide warp mode for fee of 12-15k

All these can be done with software update & Ather can earn revenue from existing 450+ customers. Also new customers will have a more choices.


We already have a topic for this,

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I’m not a member of Ather, I own 450 plus myself and I knew the range when I made a decision about 450 plus. At the time of buying I thought 19000/- is too much for just 15kms of extra range and Bluetooth. Regardless, I also think it should be possible to upgrade but I don’t think Ather will do it.


Okay bro I understand now you are talking about valid point 15 August simple one arrive to India market and I think the time is over for Ather If there don’t change the monopolis then we change the scooter