Updation required in locate my scooter function

After few days buying my Ather 450x. I went to a marriage function. The parking for the all the guests was at a large ground with capacity to occupy more than 400 vahicle. After attending function, when I came back, I started searching my vahicle but couldn’t find. Then I use locate my scooter function to find. But it is showing where is my scooter is. At the same time I used Google map to locate my location and simultaneously use Ather app to locate my scooter. After about 20min of switching from one app to another, I finally found my scooter. It is a humble request to Ather app developers, please include mobile device location as well in the locate my scooter function to track my location as well as scooter location to get realtime update to the “locate my scooter” function.


So you mean that there will be two pointers on the map, one for the scooter and one for the phone (rider), right?

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Yes… There must be 2 pointers on tha map…

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