Updates and new features

Works either ways. The dashboard should be powered on. Does not dependent on the motor.

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Same here as well …eagerly awaiting for the OTA!

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Bikes which will be delivered in coming week, will it have the latest update installed or do we have to do it ?

u will updated one

Was looking forward to the May Update, I received the update around 12:30 pm today, I went out for a short ride post 8 pm to check out if the reduced screen brightness has helped. And am happy to say that its perfect now.
Always wanted the manual Trip meters to keep actual track of my varying commutes and happy that it’s finally here. Also liked the Guide-me-home lights.


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Should it be charging with Point only or Cable is also fine?
My issue is that in it’s usual location where the Point is installed in the basement, the network strength is poor and it still hasn’t downloaded (even though charger is plugged for 2 days now).
I can’t keep the scooter on in some other location outside (will not be safe).
I could’ve kept on riding, But this time because of the bigger data download, I don’t know how long it’ll take to download.
So my other option is to keep it on charge using Point in some place where there is good signal strength too.

Charging cable/Home point/Ather Grid, any of them work equally fine(to download the update).

Installation should be done with the home charging connected.


also Shreyas

a suggestion/idea

send a notification on app advising there is update available and is pushed to vehicle from back-end… so this question weather i actually have an update pushed to bike will not arise

also list what are the updates in detail and ask our confirmation just an acknowledgement that any behavior change is notified…

also check if particular feature can be skipped if user didn’t want to update as he might be comfortable with existing one (add check boxes against all features for users to choose)
in this case i didn’t want charger always locked option (even when it is not charging)

i know this sounds complicated
but giving users more choices will be cool

This is serious issue where network strength is low.why cant software be updated without charging cable as battery is 2.4 kw ?

Guess this alert was done through Email as well in the forum before being pushed to the vehicle.

not to individual user in specific

remember this was done in lots last time (may be bandwidth constraint)

where few were worried if they are included or not

shreyas confirmed for few there was an issue and they have to push it couple of times until it is succeeded

I had received the notification on mobile app.

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My understanding was download happens when the dashboard is on… whether charging or not…riding or not…then the orange dot appears once done with the download and to install you have to connect to home charger…and no network needed for installation… @Shreyas correct me if I am wrong…


u will receive it when update is downloaded

but u won’t be notified if update is pushed to ur vehicle

I was free for a couple of hours. So came outside my home where network strength is full, parked the Ather under a tree, kept the vehicle on (not rhe motor) and sitting beside doing nothing but waiting…hope it can download in an hour. Wife and Mother telling me that I don’t stay at home even on weekends :smiley:

@Ather.Team in your next product, please keep Bluetooth/Wifi on top in the list of must haves.


So with the new update the red glow in the dashboard that indicates you’re over throttling seems to have been removed. can we have this back please ? Feel this was a very useful feature and it made us all better riders

Go to settings…scroll down…you will find real time usage button…turn it ON…done

I cant see the real time efficiency tab after the update?

Edit: Read it elsewhere in the forum that we have to scroll down.

OTA pushed to all the vehicles or getting done in phases as I have not received any notification so far.

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