Un necessary delays regretting payment

Have made payment 2 weeks back and still do not have the vehicle. No one even offers temporary registration, and now everyday i call them they just say they know how it feels. I don need your empathy i did not pay for empathy i paid for the vehicle. Just dont understand why a electric vehicle brand new should take so long to just register. All i ve to do now is open app and look at scooter pic in app. Regretting my choice everyday, should have gone with big brands now they wont even let me cancel it.

If it is new city then it is bound to happen. In every new city first few weeks they are figuring out problems. Don’t worry much, once you get the vehicle and after few rides you won’t regret your decision at all.

So what do you suggest wait April to make the payment?

Wait till few of them get delivery. In Mumbai people had waited quite a while for initial deliveries. I delayed my final booking and once things were smooth enough I made my full payment. Got delivery on 8th day from payment with all formalities complete. But if you are in hurry then go ahead and do full payment, it might be delayed a bit but you will be amongst the few initial people in your city. Either ways the vehicle won’t disappoint you. The riding experience is very good.

No i am in bangalore not a new city.

In bengaluru standard delivery period is around 15days if we opt for permanent registration. If not then we can get in around one week to 10 days. We can track the registration through vahan portal. If RTO documents submitted in first 8 to 9 working days then it is on track there is no delay from ather.

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Delivery time also depends on whether u chose specific rto registration or special number etc… I chose default ka51 n got my vehicle delivered 11 days after full payment… So there are many factors affecting delivery time…

Same problem bro … they told vehicle has to be registered…on 20th I had made full payment

Well because they said if i choose speicif rto and numbers there will be a delay so i just went with what they would give and still it is the same.

Yes even for us they told it’ll take 2 days for registration but till now there’s no progress

Which RTO had you selected

They said if u need soon then we will do electronic city so chose that