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Please let us know the time line for performance tyres, TPMS and panels. It’s been a long time pending, specially performance tyres, as these current tyres have no grip in rains. I had a bad experiences twice in wherein vehicle slipped completely. It’s very risky with current tyres to drive.

It’s a humble request to let us know which tyre will be good for wet grip and efficiency. I have been trying to study tyres especially for electric scooter, few tyres brands short listed, maxxis, TVS remora, Michelin, Bridgestone. It would great if you can let us know what profile other than 90/90-12 are suitable for Ather. Your help on the same would be highly appreciated.

Thanks Chetan Visal


Have you gone through this thread? There are bunch of enthusiasts who have changed the tyres and shared their experience here. You may please consider till Ather comes with official recommendation .


Yes As chetan pointed out the need of TMPS is really urgent now… As you can refere my post on tyre pressure loss topic… I need to check tyre pressure every week & I always find loss of tyre pressure of around 3-5 PSI every week.


That’s not normal. Please get it checked with Customer Service. If that continues, probably it is good to change the valves.

In my 450, I hardly lose 1-2 PSI in a month.


Even I lose around 3-4 psi in a week in my 450x’s back/rear tyre, and as far as I know, other 450x users also had similar tyre pressure loss, so I assumed it’s normal.

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Can we see TPMS accessory any time sooner? This has been long pending due from Ather, any updates on this topic?


Today something really unusual happened, and I dont know how it possibly happened.

I am enroute to koramangal from sai menaka charging station yelahanka & took the airport road just before taking the airport flyover towards hebbal, I saw a air pump and decided to check since it has been a while and feeling like my regular range dropped by 3 to 4 km. (Intersstingly it is still above 85 in eco).

Front tyre it is 27 ok not bad considering I fill till 30.

But my back tyre only has 2. I was like what the… Since I didn’t even feel the wheel shaking or vibration due to loww tyre pressure. Immidiate asked him to check for puncture and we found 4 punctures.

So now suddenly I realized the need for TPM & portable inflator. The mechanic suggested to check tyre pressure atleast every week for tubeless tyres, since we cannot know with just one puncture unlike tube tyres and by the time we identify we might have more as in my case.

But the question is how I couldn’t feel a thing and how range not varied as much. (This is my first puncutre experience I previously didn’t own a vehicle so wanted to understand how can we know there is a puncture in general not with TPMS)


LOL. Weren’t they saying sometime back that a 2 psi deviation in tire presure caused big differences in performance?


Yes that was the real question.:thinking: :thinking:


@abhishek.balaji any updates on TPMS? :blush:


I was told at the showroom to check and maintain tyre pressure every week and I try to do that. But as many of you say, I also see the tyre pressure going down within a week’s time


If scooter is smart why are they not providing tyre pressure monitoring?


TPMS is so darn important. I keep getting low efficiency if the tyres are not inflated perfectly. It would be so much easier and convenient to get a warning everytime the tyre needs attention. Hopefully Ather will get the TPMS soon.


Since we don’t visit petrol bunks, how often do you all get the tyre pressure checked/filled? I think I asked but seemed to have forgotten. :sweat_smile:


I have bought a tyre inflator which reads the tyre pressure also and with auto shut off so instead of visiting petrol bunks all the time before leaving in the morning I fill the tyre pressure after checking it. Helps in keeping a track of it .

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As long as you are using it for inflating tyre its okay but I have my doubts about the accuracy of the pressure gauge… Had bad experience even with commercial systems at petrol pump. I would recommend to buy Michelin air pressure gauge to check it. I am very happy with it and now a days my ride quality is very good… Atleast get the tyre inflator gause calibrated…


Actually I have bought this one

Limited-time deal: TUSA Digital Air Compressor Pump - 12V Digital Car Tyre Inflator with Auto shutoff (1+1 Year Warranty) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B083Z8LZ8Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_dl_5H3HWCM7EXQ3DVH7C9SY.

I went searching for so many product but most of them have a large error gap but this one is quite accurate with a error gap of just 1 psi. Even the YouTube reviewers have tried filling air with this and checked with Michelin guage and it was accurate with many reviewers. And even the Amazon reviews says it’s quite accurate from this company


TPMS coming soon?? Found new card in the app today… :blush::blush::ok_hand:


Are you in Beta testing?

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Yes, I am using the one in Test Flight in iOS