Turnoff park assist forward while moving

Update software to change from park assist forward to normal ride modes while moving. I can understand that to use touch controls we should completely stop. But we can exit park assist mode using brake + turn indicator + start key.

This will help owners to use park assist more, otherwise its annoying to stop completely just to turn off park assist forward and choose normal drive modes.

When turning ON Ather we can activate park assist and when we get out of parking at max 5 kmph we can directly change to ride or sport mode by using the combination keys and go ride Directly at higher speeds instead of stopping and going to zero


When I reverse park my scooter daily, the forward/reverse speed (5 kmph) acts as a safety check, incase my hand accelerates by mistake, thus avoiding an accident. For example if you notice, we need to press the entire throttle to move forward/reverse on a slope. If I suddenly shift to forward and it shifts to warp mode again, as you mentioned, it will certainly cause accidents.

IMO I find the - park assist— complete stop— now on normal riding modes, safer for any new users. :sweat_smile: Just makes the rider more conscious of what mode they are in.


That’s true. The flow of process for What i am asking is

  1. Turning key on
  2. Engaging Park assist mode using combination keys or touch
  3. Using start key to change forward/reverse
  4. Getting out of parking in forward at max 5 kmph
  5. If you wish and intend to change to riding mode. Stop completely to use touch option to disable park assist.


Use the 3 combination while moving slight brake left or right and turn indicator off button and start key to instantly exit park assist mode. This doesn’t happen automatically. Only if we press the combo keys we can directly go from 5 kmph to normal riding modes. Instead of going to zero.


I completely agree with your point as we might twist the throttle more than needed as the user has just experienced the Park assist and knows that it needs more throttle and the same amount of throttle might be dangerous in some situations. Park assist for both forward and reverse is a good thing to keep the riders safe.