Turn & Park Indicators Volume

Wondering if there has been a change in the volume for turn indicators & park mode?

My friend’s Series 1 has exceptionally loud volume - enough for everyone around to hear. However, on a new 450x, the loudness is only enough for the driver to be aware. And that too when there’s not a lot of noise around.

Was this a conscious decision by Ather?

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I took my 2 Ather on june 1 st week noticed indicators buzzer noise is too low when i checked with service technician they told if the issue is unresolved they check in 5k service…. Lets wait for 5k service…. I think these will be replacing with new buzzer under warranty…then only it will resolve @abhishek.balaji please check wether any changes in vendor / defect products are installed…


@abhishek.balaji need to do 4M analysis


@abhishek.balaji can you advise here?