Trust concern. Wrong parts delivered

Hello everyone,

Has it ever occured to you that after the Ather service. You are delivered with an outer part on the vehicle that doesn’t belong to you?

Recently on 12th March my vehicle had been taken for an complaint I had. On delivery of the vehicle i was surprised to get an outer cas which really didn’t even belong to me. Rather some other owners ather part.

Now this is a HUGE question of my TRUST on the Ather service team. What if the change my scooters dashboard? What if they change the batter pack? Now this accumulates me with lots and lots What if questions around my head.

The pick up boy makes sures he takes some 50 photos of the vehicle before pick up. And yet if they cause a blunder like this? ! In below pictures you can see my vehicle didn’t have :frowning: 2nd Imgage) "Ganapti sticker engraved on it.In fact the plastic wrap itself wasn’t removed.

(1st Image) While after service I was given with an outer part with Ganapti Engraved on it.

Have raised an complain on the issue.

PS: Owner if anyone of you guys are missing your Ganapti engraved part! Please drop a comment. Would be happy to hand it over to you

Cheers thanks.


Thanks for flagging this, shouldn’t have happened. Will get this checked internally and resolve accordingly.

Hey, we checked further on this and it was a miss from our end. We’ve made some changes in the Service Center to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Our team will reach out to you soon to get those parts replaced at no cost.


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