Track all your tickets on the App - Ather App 5.4.0 - Early Access

Hey folks,

We’re introducing a new feature on the Ather App into early access - You can now manage and track the status of all your tickets on the Ather App. With this addition, we’ve made it easier for you to view all your tickets on the Ather App. This way, we get to understand you faster and you get your answers sooner. Before it’s rolled out to everyone, we’re opening it up for a few of you to experience and share your feedback, while we iron out the nitty-gritties.

Here’s how you track your tickets:

  1. Raise a ticket via mail, call or chat.
  2. Login to the Ather app > head to the Support Section.
  3. On the top right corner, go to the ‘My Tickets’ section > open ticket.
  4. Here you can also attach files to support your ticket. The status of the raised ticket is available on the app.
  5. You can then close the ticket if you feel the response you got was satisfactory, and also check the tickets raised earlier.

To try this on your phone, sign up for the beta program on the Google Play Store/Apple App Store using the links below:

Google Play Store:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and opt in for the beta program.

Apple App Store:

Do try out the app update, and share your feedback. We’ll soon be releasing this to all owners as well.


It will be really helpful if the previous closed case/History of tickets is available to view in the closed tickets section.


It should show the tickets raised in the past 6 months

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I had atleast 3 tickets in past 3 months and 2 are still open from afaik because of the app no longer gives notification of battery fully charged for 450.

Because this is still in beta i don’t see any history yet


@power_light2000 , are you using iOS or Android? I am enrolled in the beta, there’s hasn’t been an update yet. Checked play store and the app too

This is very good feature to have. Glad to see new changes in Ather app including Labs.

I was already enrolled in Beta. I am able to see “My tickets” option. But, I don’t see any tickets open/closed.

Last week, an issue was fixed in service center.

Even now, my vehicle is in service center for last 1 week with an open issue.

For both the cases, I did not raise any ticket in app. I called customer service for this issue. I am not sure if that does not count as tickets or not?

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Beta is Full :sob:


Click the link given in abhishek post, the app will close and open, signifying the update after that check if you see the details


Doesn’t work. I faced issues last time too with beta releases


@tanishqkhare - Wait for some time. I, too, am not able to update the app. It happens with the Google Play Beta program.


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@abhishek.balaji In 5.3.4 android version of the app, the vehicle OTA version is not showing correctly few times. My 450X is under 10.3.0 whereas the app is showing 10.2.2 sometimes, sometimes it shows 10.3.0 version.

Kindly rectify this issue as well.