TPMS review - Chethan

The TPMS is working all fine and the notification pop up’s are also working good if the pressure goes uneven. I still didn’t check it in a bunk, will check this and update.

The problem is the pressure doesn’t stay exact numbers it keeps on going up and down 1 or 2 psi and sometimes if I take a pillion the pressure in the rear Tyre suddenly goes up.

I just pumped air to both the tyres to 30 and 32 psi( these numbers were indicated on the screen) today morning. From morning they are not constant they are going up and down. The tyre pressure is changing after the rides.

  1. Starting of the ride ( I made them 30 and 32 but don’t know how they got increased. I also waited
    for some time after making both of them 30 and 32psi, thought that it takes some time to load the numbers but they didn’t. After some hours
    they were changed)

  1. After some time when a pillion sat back the rear tyre pressure increased to 37

  1. At the start of the ride:-

  1. End of the ride:-

From 3rd and 4th point I say that the pressure varies during the rides. Varying of pressure during rides is ok but variations while on idle is not ok, that is what I said in first point.

Other than this, deflated both the tyres less than 20 psi and I am immediately getting the notification on the app and also getting alerts :warning: in the dashboard.

It’s been few days using TPMS and i should say that it’s been really really helpful.

I use this type of product to check how much air is there in tyres, i don’t even know the name of it :sweat_smile:. It’s very difficult to get the reading’s using this, since the numbers are very close to each other, sometimes it may be 35 or 38. After the installation of TPMS i don’t use this product anymore. I will only fill air to the tyres using a normal cycle air pump and see the readings in the dashboard.

  1. Even if you go for another TPMS, it will not show you the readings on the dashboard. Ather’s TPMS in the dashboard is really nice to see.

  2. Even if I’m going for a long ride, i don’t need to check the air manually, i can use the dashboard to check and if the air is low, then i can top up.

  3. Low tyre pressure doesn’t affect the range much but it affects the tyre and comfort while riding.

  4. I also learnt how the air works in the tyres while riding, it increases a lot while riding with a pillion on a sunny day. I learnt that the air should be filled 5-10 minutes after riding the scooter for a long time.

Thank you Ather for such a wonderful product :heart: