TPMS Experience

I have been using TPMS for quite sometime.


  • The process was very smooth. It took very long for TPMS to arrive at A’bad, but, as soon as they received the package, they called for the Installation.
  • It took around three hours for the installation and around thirty more minutes to show up the pressure readings on the app.


  • The sync with app is seamless and I can see the pressure being changed due to changes in the atmospheric temperature. Hence, I can safely assume that it is working accurately.
  • I was reminded of low pressure for around two days, but, that happened due to changes in the temperature. So, I needed to understand the right time to fill in the tyres to avoid overinflation.


-The pressure should be shown on the vehicle dashboard upon boot. It’d be a better option as compared to it being currently shown in settings.