TPMS experience - Rohit

First of all, thank you @tarun @abhishek.balaji for the TPMS installation on my bike.

My scooter was picked up from my office yesterday for Installation, and returned to me today. Pickup drop service was seemless.

I even got a call in the yesterday evening saying that scooter won’t be delivered yesterday due to some issues. It would have been nicer if called a little earlier as I was in office and was waiting for the scooter.

Nevertheless, got the scooter today.

1st impressions:-

  1. Even though scooter was not with me, because of connect service, i got the tyre pressure info as well as notification on app immediately after installation.

  2. App UI is very good and you can even slide the window between range & tyre info. (Some pictures of the app below from yesterday)

  1. Today I got the notification of high tyre pressure while scooter was in IBC. In app, it was around 33,34 in front, rear respectively.

  1. When my scooter was delivered today in the afternoon it was bit high. Maybe due to riding, temp & pressure was changed. Not sure about that much change, but will check in the coming week before and after riding.

  1. In the evening, when vehicle was cooled off, pressure dropped. Will check tomorrow morning again.