Touch screen not responsive

After logging the complaint through mobile app, I got the call from customer service yesterday (this is within 24 hrs SLA) and scheduled an appointment with me today at 11am for the reported issue

Service technician came this morning half an hourly to the appointment time. He had all the armours (right tools & computer etc) in his bag. Once the USB port is accessed, he could finish the firmware update within a minute.

Now the middle portion of display is sensitive enough and working fine.


Willing to pay for this connectivity upgrade and retain smartness quotient of 450 instead of it becoming another run of mill dumb electric scooter. If Ather plans for upgrade that is which is doubtful to upgrade 1st gen product instead of releasing new gen variant.


So latest OTA update had caused bug with touchscreen firmware ? My display became unresponsive after latest OTA. Or this is was mere coincidence with display fault arising exactly after OTA hit our 450?

Ather said following in one of the Owner’s meet.

  1. As of now, present 3G service provider has no plans to shutdown 3G service any time soon. No indication given by Vodafone.

  2. Eventuality of any such scenario, it will come up with a solution to continue the connectivity.


I think this is the one… Who would want to push an issue knowingly…!


Mine failed over the last 2 weeks. Started yellowing in the center, then the corners alone would respond to touch and now it’s completely stopped.

Raised a ticket last night from the app and Chandan from customer service called today to confirm a home appointment for Friday afternoon. They’ll be running a firmware update for the screen.

I was trying to convince him saying I’ll come in on Sunday and get it done at their office, but he figured out I was trying to gate crash the owners meet and insisted that it be done on Friday. Oh well, atleast tried!

Has anyone been advised as to what causes this issue?


This is strange. What I was told and observed in my dashboard is that, it is non responsive from the last OTA update. But in your case, it is only started from last few days. I wonder what it could be. Looking at the case, I doubt Firmware update will solve the issue. I am eager to know about solution.

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