Total day trip per charge

Total kms covered in a day per charge with multiple trips.

This feature will help to keep track of kms covered in a single charge. If someone rides to work on full charge and returns with remaining charge it will help to maintain efficiency to get maximum range. This will help the 450X GeN2 since there is no range upgrade. This need could have been met by keeping the TRIP A and TRIP B which has been dropped after the recent update.


That’s what we have been talking about; the city riders don’t need many things, yet long riders as well as hill terrain riders need many things over and above the proper planning. Little additional features from the scooter help a lot. On my first day ride during delivery, I requested 1 hotel (10:30 pm) and later a paan shop (around 12am) for charging; they flatly denied. I had no other way but to climb a long up hill with little SOC left, later stopped at a pertol bunk where many truckers stopped by for a rest at 2% SOC. It was around 1am then. Now, I am afraid to go down the hill to the dealer for servicing, which is about 10km away from place.


yes. this fits my use case as well… Good feature request.:+1:

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