Torque speed characteristics at different mode

Is it possible to share the torque speed characteristics of the vehicle for each mode (eco, ride, sports and warp)? Following a thread in forum regarding increasing the range with driving style, today I experimented on riding at around 30kmph in ride mode. Its amazing to see that the efficiency increased atleast by 3Wh/km compared to Eco mode. Its intriguing me to know what is the torque speed characteristics so that we can optimize the mode as per the speed range.

Thanks sumit

Yes. Doing lower speeds in higher modes will give out better efficiency. It’s because of a number of factors. Each mode restricts motor power and when we run close to that limit, more energy is consumed. For eg: riding in 45kmph in eco mode will strain the motor battery more than riding 45kmph in sports mode. And that is how to get more efficiency.

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