Tork Motors Kratos

Tork Motors has announced that a new motorcycle would be coming soon. They were earlier going to announce the T6X. Based on a twitter reply, seems like it’s going to be completely new motorcycle:

Some more info:

On the battery pack:

Expected to be larger than the earlier one on the T6X, which had a claimed range of 100 km, with fast charging capability.


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I can only relate to Senthil comedy :rofl:. Tork seems promising. We need to see more e - motorcycles

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Isn’t the Revolt India’s first electric motorcycle currently on road ?


Tork was advertised as the first electric motorcycle but yes, revolt and others came before


Even before Revolt , Prana is there.

But Tork motors doing it for cheap popularity i think


More details:

There’s a link to register for the launch event as well.



Features and specs:



Good battery capacity, range with decent pricing.

Any idea when the deliveries will start? It was not announced in the event.


It is only accepting pre-bookings for ₹999 as of now. I guess it will take the same route as others. They will announce delivery dates later.

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PowerDrift quoted in their video that deliveries will start from 4th April.

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Media first impressions are also out

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I took a test ride of Kratos R in Pune today. The specs are available on Tork website, so won’t be mentioning those here. The following are my observations after a short test ride on busy Pune city roads:

  • Build quality is decent. Panel gaps were inconsistent and front seat was loose. I was told the final production bikes will have a better build quality. There is definitely room for improvement.

  • The bike looks like a proper 150cc bike. It has a good road presence.

  • Eco mode is similar to Ather Eco mode pickup. Top speed is limited to 55 Kmph in this mode.

  • Sport mode power delivery is linear and I couldn’t feel the ‘push back’ like in Ather Warp mode. But it does feel fast.

  • I did not face any heating issue. Could be because the test ride was short and the test ride route was on flat roads without any steep inclines.

  • Suspension is good, bad road patches weren’t felt that much. Suspension is a bit soft, not as hard as Ather.

  • Ground clearance is good enough. I had doubts about battery touching on some bigger speed brakers. I did come accross a big speed breaker, Kratos was able to handle it well without scraping the battery casing.

  • Display is basic, does not get a touch screen. Basic information like Distance To Empty (DTE), battery percentage, temperature and current speed are displayed.

  • Kratos gets an auxiliary battery for horn and other electricals. It is placed under the rider seat.

  • Under the fuel tank lid, there is a compact storage space. You can keep your mobile there or maybe some other small stuff. There is a USB port inside as well to charge your mobile.

  • The bike is completely silent while on the move. Kratos has chain drive. The only sound I could hear was of the chain. Felt a bit weird. The Tork guys said it’s because there is no other sound that we notice the chain sound.

  • The switches to change modes are a bit tricky. You have to press the required mode button and then press a button in the centre to select the mode. I found it a bit cumbersome while riding to use two buttons for changing a mode. Just pressing one button should be enough, I feel.

  • Brakes have good bite, discs front and back. It has CBS, no ABS though.

  • I was told that the real world range in Eco mode is 110 and for Sports mode it is 90.

  • The deliveries will start from April.

  • A home charger will be provided with the bike, takes around 6 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Fast charger was not displayed, I was told it’s under development.

  • App is still under development. I didn’t get a clear answer if it will be available when deliveries start in April.

Overall the bike definitely looks promising. They need to fix the build quality in final production units and make the App available when the bike deliveries start.