Tool kit not provided

1.When I received my Ather 450x , I have not received my Tool Kit.

2.What will be the cost for charging the Ather after March 31st 2021

3.if I turn off the motor and ride the Ather 450x in down streets and the vehicle crosses above 40km/hr ,we cant start the vehicle as normal.I need to switch off the vehicle and switch on again, is it problem with Ather

  1. I am not able to use my credit .as I have 2500RS and they are just changing the dates .

How many days brother you buy 450x

A month before

Why would you turn off the motor ( scooter) when riding downhill? Any reason? Or just did it for experimental purposes? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Save fuel, I guess… but I’mI not sure how many litres we save on Ather.

@nithin.sriram09, fun apart, it is not advisable to turn off engine unless you know what you are doing, be it ICE or EV.

Not sure if it is a bug in ather, tho.

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I just did that for a experimental purpose to see how Ather works

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You have done this for experimental purpose ok, Now what happened is already happened but never ever do that again for safety reasons.

It is never advisable to drive a vehicle down hill keeping either Engine or the Motor off. It is too dangerous to do so.


Hmm why why exactly ? :thinking::thinking::face_with_monocle: I’ve had to do it a few times too cuz my dash froze and hard reset wasting working. Or because of the low power mode error.

You’re saying, after the kill switch. Can’t switch on with the button?

For a vehicle coming down hill or in any case the control over the vehicle with its motor off is less compared to when it is ON

So while travelling on a ghat road coming down hill we might loose control if suddenly a vehicle comes from a blind turn or a vehicle comes a little speed and we need to move vehicle to a side. It is not that we cannot control but there is a difference in control and balance of vehicle with motor on and Off.

Coming downhill not only brakes but sometimes acceleration is also required to control vehicle.

Hence it is not a good practice to off the motor while coming downhill. However it is a standard recommended practice for safety purposes and recommendations are not rules that we must follow. They are best practices, it is upto us to follow or not.


Ather doesn’t provide any toolkit. They said that there’s hardly anything that an user can actually do with his/her Ather vehicle using a toolkit!!

Till now that date is just moving ahead. I don’t think even Ather is sure about the charges they want to levy. Just enjoy the benefit till it’s free

Don’t ever switch off your vehicle in downhill sections of a ghat-ICE or otherwise. Brakes just cannot stop a vehicle coasting downhill. After some distance there will be brake fade and the rider/driver will lose control eventually. Engine braking (or Regen) is the most effective way to keep the vehicle under control. Thumb rule for Ghats is to climb down in the same gear that you’d climb up in Trying to save fuel/charge in such situations can easily lead to losing something more precious-life.


Yes if we cross 40KM/PH